Hindukush Heights Hotel Chitral is 24 bedroom family run boutique hotel where luxury come with a view. In 2010 Tatler, popular social magazine of UK, along with Africa Travel conducted a world survey to list 101 of the worlds best hotel. Tatler, in their issue of January 2010 published the result .
You have guessed it right! Hindukush Heights Chitral made this list. It was the only hotel in Pakistan to be selected, six hotela of India qualifie


  • Air Conditioned
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Breakfast
  • Buffet
  • Free Parking

Available Rooms

Deluxe Room

Max Guests: 2 persons
Rs 12,000.00 / night

Deluxe Twin Room

Max Guests: 2 persons
Rs 12,000.00 / night

Family Suite

Max Guests: 3 persons
Rs 16,000.00 / night

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